The opposition APRC has rejected Jammeh’s move to dissolve the party’s current executive, arguing that only a congress can resort to such a decision and not Jammeh. “ Last time we checked only Congress have to power to set up and Dissolve an Executive Committee for the Party not an Individual,” a statement contained in the APRC official Facebook page read.

Jammeh on Friday announced the dissolution of the APRC Executive. He has replaced them with an interim executive.

Jammeh has accused the APRC executive headed by Fabakary Tombong Jatta of selling out to Barrow’s National People’s Party (NPP). He says the political merger that was formed between the two political parties was done without his consent or knowledge.


“As far as The APRC is concerned FTJ is our Party Leader. And Thank you FTJ for letting us know that you are not Backing Down. You are a true Leader,” the APRC wrote on its Facebook page.

Jammeh has tasked the splinter APRC group, which is now under his director control to form a merger with Sheikh Tijan Hydara’s GANU party. Hydara was Jammeh’s Justice Minister.

Jammeh’s decision hasn’t gone down well with the APRC leadership.

“If you believe that The APRC is not a one-man Party please follow FTJ and NEC,” the APRC said.

“Babili thank you for Betraying FTJ in Public after he defended your Dignity for 5 years now. Allah will reward you,” Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s camp stated.

Jammeh has been accused of being ungrateful to the old APRC executive. He has thrown the APRC executive under bus by siding with the APRC splinter group.

“These are one of the people Jammeh now preferred to take advice from over FTJ whose house was burned down to the ground, whose house was bombarded with Tear gas, who was arrested several times for questioning, who made life difficult for the Mafia Gang all for his (Babili’s) sake.. YaAllah you are almighty and all seeing so we leave things in your hands,” Tombong Jatta’s camp remarked.

“Alhamdulillah 3x and Thank you URR, LRR, CRR and NBR APRC EXECUTIVE for showing Solidarity with FTJ. Allah is never Asleep,” the frustrated dissolved APRC executive added.

The dissolved APRC executive is planning to organize a press conference to state its position on Jammeh’s decision to dissolve the executive.

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