The APRC Action Man Balla Jahumpa has called on the APRC base to ignore dictator Yahya Jammeh’s dissolution of the party’s legitimately elected executive and rally their support behind their leader Fabakary Tombong Jatta.  Jahumpa has also called on the APRC base to stay united and vote for President Adama Barrow in the upcoming December 4th Presidential elections.

Mr. Jahumpa, who had served as Finance Minister, under Jammeh’s rule, made the call over the weekend. Jahumpa has strongly disagreed with his former boss Yahya Jammeh.

According to Jahumpa, who spoke on the social media app—whatsapp, Jammeh, has no right to dissolve the APRC executive. He argues that only a party congress can remove the current executive and not Jammeh.


Jahumpa says Jammeh and his splinter APRC group can go on their own way, but the registered APRC party is here to stay.

“The APRC is not a cult party. No one owns the APRC. The people own the APRC,” Jahumpa remarked, while stressing the need for the APRC supporters to rally behind Fabakary Tombong Jatta. He says Jatta had sacrificed a lot for the party and any attempt on the part of Jammeh to throw him under the bus shouldn’t be accepted.

According to Jahumpa, Jatta had faced all kinds of persecution just for promoting the APRC political cause and looking out for the exiled Gambian leader. He noted that if Jammeh can ignore Jatta’s efforts in uniting and revamping the party, that tells a lot about Jammeh, a leader, who has widely branded as an unpredictable leader.

On Sheikh Tijan Hydara, the GANU leader, Jahumpa says there is more to Jammeh’s move to align the party’s splinter group with Hydara’s party.

“Sheikh Tijan Hydara is being used to promote hidden agenda. They do not want Barrow to win the elections, but God’s willing Barrow is going to win the elections. We are going to rally support behind Barrow, we will ensure that he wins the elections. They cannot stop Barrow’s victory,” Jahumpa remarked.

Jahumpa has warned the splinter APRC group to refrain from using the APRC’s name in their alignment with the GANU party. He says there is only one APRC registered political party in the country, and the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC) is not going recognize the unregistered APRC splinter group.

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