In my capacity as the NPP Cordinator of Sweden, Finland Denmark i  Yaya Dampha write in defense of the Sarahule speaking  communities. The leader the  opposition United Democratic Party recently made remarks against the Sarehule/Soningara tribe accusing them taking ownership of the National Peoples Party NPP. Darboe said the Sarahule tribe did not vote for the president In 2016. Few months ago Lawyer Darboe made a similar attach on Pular community Saying “if the UDP  Leader was a Fula no one would have his party of tribalism”. Is Everything alright with Ousainou Darboe? Or is it old age?
The  NPP is a Gambian party consisting of all the tribes and the sevenregions of the Gambia.  What Ousainou Darboe failed to understand is every tribe in the Gambia sees themselves in NPP under the UDP which potrays themselves all this years as a  Mandinka party calling for Badinyaa faasa.
Mr. Darboe must understand that going after tribes is the worst political  appraoch any politician can do in a multitribe country like the Gambia.
Lets look at some of the many political blunders Lawyer Darboe made.
Yes wisdom comes with age and old age defines closeness to God. At 73 years of age, veteran Gambian politician Abubacar Ousainou Darboe leader of the UDP made three fatal errors in his utterances in the last two years, which a man of his age and standing typified regrettable judgemental lapses.
By virtue of him being an opposition politician and one time part of a coalition government,  i think he Should be  deeply familiar with protocols and understanding the right words or statement to be  use on  political platform.
It was the UDP leader who stated that  the URR should not be given the priority for the road  constructions and building of  bridges the current government undertook. He also  threatened that the people of that region that “URR people knows me Very well, I  will make them open their eyes under the sun  should  offend  me”. His last two remarks are  unpalatable to not only the Sarahuleh  and the Fula communities but the entire  Gambia and we the members of the NPP.
What is happening to Lawyer Abubacar Ousainou Darboe?
Has old age caught  him to the extend that he is losing his good  judgement and memory? He  recently also said, it was  him who brought the bridges  and road projects to URR . Did he forgot his  earlier statement  that the Upper River Region and Banjul  roads   are not and Should not have been government’s priority intervention arears.  He said those projects Should have been taken to Nianija.Did Darboe forgot these remarks?
Ethnic conflict is the worst and shameful form of African confrontation. A man who is nearly 80 years of age, should  be laying good legacy and promoting  peace and tolerance rather than forcing yourself for  Presidency  by any means.
These are some of reasons why  many  former members of your party are sadden for having spent their precious time supporting your  after  Ousainou Darboe degenerated himself  into a chaotic and havoc seeking desperate politician.
The mutual coexistence of Gambians should be cherished by all. No political brinkmanship should compel any politician to be talking tribal.
Abubacar Ousainou Darboe is demonstrating his  lack of confidece and total loss of  advisers when it comes to making political remarks.
Making dangerous political  remarks and allowing degrading statements shows your acceptance eems  of going down the path of anarchy, threat of violence and scaring political future.
The Sarshule/Soningara speaking deserves respect like all other tribes. STOP attacking peoples tribe.

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