Former President Jammeh is no amateur in politics or negotiations.

Lamin Tamba is not a liar. He is one of the most credible and most trusted friend I have.


President Barrow now has a lot of work to do even with the power of incumbency on his side.

To those that feel Jammeh can be easily side stepped by the current APRC Executive, it shows lack of knowledge and understanding of how Gambian politics revolves and operates. Loyalty is not the entity of APRC. Absolute loyalty is to the party leader and not the party, who in this instance happens to be Former President Jammeh.

The APRC Executive can choose to hang on to the theoretical- administrative strings of control of the APRC party but effective and practical control will be strategically and skillfully manged by the Supreme Leader who has acted within the constitutional dictates of the APRC party constitution to dissolve its current executive.

The Battle line has been drawn in the forthcoming December Presidential elections in The Gambia. It is all those in favor of granting amnesty to Former President Jammeh and those who feel their existence has worsen under a Barrow led government on one side AND those who will want to see Former President Jammeh prosecuted and hanged and those who feel they have stained lips in the National cake that is being shared in only some quarters.

Whatever the outcome of the December elections, as dictated by democratic principles and ideals, The Gambian people would have decided on what they want and that will be the reflection of the wishes and aspirations of Gambians.

To those that will now attack and try to trivialize Jammehs pronouncements, you are but fooling yourself because indeed, Jammeh has shaken to the core, yet again, the foundations of Gambian politics.

To the APRC Executive, do not rush to make a statement. You have thrived on Jammehs name and demonstrated that it is his interest you seek first. To rush and say otherwise will further discredit you and draw from under your feet, the little shred of credibility you so loosely hang on to. Take your time, think deep, analyze and recalibrate your steps. All is not lost if indeed your agenda is sincere and true.

To NPP, always remember, that one can force a camel to a pond but the ability to drink lies squarely within the camel. It is true that in campaigning anything can be said, but it is also true that in politics, somethings said and done, will hunt you for the rest of your political existence.

The choice has been made easy for Gambians. The battles lines have. been drawn. The oracle has spoken. The clouds have roared. Alea iacta est (The die is cast)!

M. Robertson Roberts

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