A humorous Fabakary Tombong Jatta, interim leader of the APRC political party, in his reaction to Jammeh’s move to dissolve his executive, said Jammeh and his splinter APRC group opposing the APRC/NPP alliance can join the GANU political party as an independent political group, but not in the name of the registered APRC Party.  Jatta, who was calm and focused while addressing his supporters, said the APRC is under their control and Jammeh’s Friday announcement wouldn’t change anything as far his executive is concerned.

“The committee that they formed is not an APRC committee. They can go independent or join GANU.  APRC is under our leadership today. Nothing can change that,” Jatta remarked.

According to Mr. Jatta, when the news of the dissolution of the APRC reached him, he received tons of phone calls, from people within and outside the country, expressing solidarity with him.


“Someone said I have been arrested. The person who can arrest me, is not a President. How can I be arrested? He is not a President. We have formed an alliance with the President’s NPP party. He is not going to arrest me. Another person said, Ousman Rambo Jatta, fell and became unconscious as soon as he heard Jammeh’s announcement. Someone said Adama Barrow’s reaction was: Oh, Jammeh didn’t agree with Fabakary,” Jatta jokingly told his supporters.

“What happened yesterday never came from us. We did not betray him. We have done our best to maintain the party. What we are trying to achieve is in the best interest of the country and that of Yahya Jammeh. Let us accept his decision in good faith and move on. I urge you not to overreact. Be calm and focused. Do not be provoked,” Jatta advised his followers.

Jatta has reaffirmed his commitment to working with President Barrow’s NPP party to help facilitate President Barrow’s reelection. He said the APRC is here to stay.

“APRC supporters are free to join any party of their choice. No one can stop us from pursuing our set goals. We are here to stay. They can join GANU, but the APRC is here to stay,” he added.

Jatta says his party is going to organize a press conference in the coming days to state the party’s position on the matter.

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