Hi Pa,
My name is Baboucarr Camara and I am a Gambian living in The Gambia.
Kindly allow me space in your widely read online medium to share my opinion on the current state of Gambian Politics and advice I have for the people and the respective political actors.
“The Gambia’s political history at crossroads”
Not a keen keyboard fan on FB, but important times requires appropriate lines for those with the gift of mind to examine!
The country’s political atmosphere remains very tense and the dynamics of our politics seem to now chatter an unpredictable terrain, depending on few factors that may light or pour cool water on a country that was stable for a very long time.
From the outcome of ‘to be approved IEC nominees’ to the campaign proper, our divided society is nearing its edge likely to be determined by who is eligible to contest and what law is used and acceptable to eliminate one.
Every sitting government has the law and can use the law for better or for worst. Fundamentally, commission reports in this country can be implemented against an adversely mentioned person (s) and those found wanting as documented. The question remains, is this the time, and if yes what is the plan to handle matters if it goes south and becomes more complicated than forecasted?
Advice is: as politicians prepare for what appears to be the most critical and dangerous elections this country has ever seen, responsible public servants paid anywhere by the taxpayer should start to work on a national security and safety mechanism plan and refrain from active participation in the political processes. There needs to be very strong leadership to direct this and those responsible should know better what to do.
To our brothers at the IEC: The lessons and writings are already visible on the wall. The current political terrain suggests a new strategy and method, to avoid the time this country wasted on very useless talks and to some extend, deterring the lack of focus on policy and programme implementation meant to advance a country limping for 56 years of the post-independence era.
We must begin to rethink downsizing political parties in this country. Democracy is just a majority format. It can be reinvented if it still goes with the majority principle. Simply, look into the introduction of a 2 political party system in this country in our next constitution and subsidiary laws to follow. It will deter us from electoral error and complications, save this country from the unproductive talk, useless frenzy, huge expenditure, hate, crime, and waste of productive time and delivery in all sectors.
Gambians must be very serious if we mean to develop this country of fewer than 3.5 million people. But to realize any meaningful inroad, we must get the systems right and the direction should be non-negotiable.
With all considerations on the table, there is every need now than before, for the state to prepare for contingent security measures that will ensure peace and tranquillity in this fragile country ahead and after the December 4th polls.
#To the Gambia ever true!
# Live in unity, freedom & peace each day!!
Baboucarr Camara
Concerned Gambian
Notice: All comments for or against the above opinion will be noted and is respected in advance of any comment.
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