Editor Mbai,

After outrage from many quarters, including my humble self through the above tweet sent directly to the UN Secretary General and the Under-Secretary Ms Songwe, the INSULTING appointment of Britain’s fired failing Health Secretary (to a UN role “to help Africa overcome Covid and develop economically”!) has been withdrawn.


The question is how this failing Briton could have been appointed to “help Africa overcome Covid and develop economically” in the first place? By an AFRICAN Under-Secretarywith these words of praise:-

Ms Songwe said the UN had been working with people across the world on Africa’s climate actions and resilient recovery – and that she wanted to appoint Mr Hancock “given your global leadership, advocacy reach and in depth understanding of government processes through your various ministerial cabinet roles … The role will support Africa’s cause at the global level and ensure the continent builds forward better, leveraging financial innovations and working with major stakeholders like the G20, UK government and COP26.

Mr. Hancoks ministerial job performance was described in a Report by British MPs as “the worst in history”. Repeat “in history”. And what was he doing instead of doing his job? Cheating on his wife, the mother of his children, with his secretary (a secretary we the British tax-payers were paying for!). Not only were the British tax-payers getting a rubbish job from this Minister, but we were also paying for his sexual dalliances! Once he was caught on camera kissing the Secretary we pay for,Boris Johnson was FORCED to fire him by the British media – and Matt Handcock was kicked out by his wife. That is the man whom the UN Under-Secretary, Ms. Songwe, thought could help develop Africa!

SMDH as they says on Social Media … but UN appointments are full of these kind of nonsense people, all appointed because “they know somebody” in their own corrupt home governments or at the UN itself. The only good idea Donald Trump ever had was that of abolishing the UN itself!

Here are the links to the BBC stories on this:



Dida Jallow-Halake,

Notting Hill, London.

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