Written by Pa Nderry M’Bai

The former Deputy Commander of dictator Yahya Jammeh’s assassin team Lt. Col. Nuha Badjie, has been talking about his total  opposition to dictator Yahya Jammeh’s move to align the APRC with his former Justice Minister’s GANU party, describing the move as wrong and a political suicide, an audio message containing Nuha Badjie’s voice has revealed. Badjie, who is on the run, has aligned himself with Fabakary Tombong Jatta’s legitimate APRC team.


The former killer, who is home sick, has been banking on the APRC/NPP alliance so that he could possibly return home if President Barrow wins the elections.  He said it makes more sense for the APRC to form a merger with NPP than GANU, a party, whose leader he described  as “barely known in the country,” and was sacked by Jammeh as Justice Minister.  Badjie claimed that the GANU leader Sheikh Tijan Hydara, isn’t qualified to run for President because, according to him, Hydara was fired by Jammeh.

Speaking in his native local Jolla language, Nuha Badjie, who has been accused of  killing the two Gambian Americans: Alhagie Mamut Ceesay, and Ebou Jobe, with other dozens of Gambians, said the NPP/APRC merger was first initiated by Jammeh.

According to the former jungullar fugitive, Jammeh was the one, who okayed the APRC Executive under the leadership of Fabakary Tombong Jatta to go ahead with the merger talks with Barrow’s NPP team.

Nuha Badjie has mentioned the name of Gibril Fadia, the APRC Diaspora Chairman in the United States, in his audio message. He claimed that Fadia was part of the APRC/NPP negotiation talks. He added that Fadia and Jammeh has been talking prior to Jammeh’s erratic decision to pullout from the merger talks he had with Fadia, Fabakary Tombong Jatta and co.

“He mentioned Fadia’s name, Fadia is the one representing the APRC in the diaspora. I don’t know him. He said Fadia was also calling Jammeh to tell him about the update he received from Fabakary Tombong Jatta.  Fadia has been talking to Fabakary on the APRC alliance issue with the NPP. Jammeh too has called Fabakary on the issue of the APRC/NPP alliance.  At some point, Jammeh said he was not  interested in the merger. Fadia told Jammeh that you have to call and tell them your position, but Jammeh refused,” our translator who wished not be named stated.

It is not clear if Fadia has been in contact with Nuha Badjie, but he was mentioned in Nuha Badjie’s audio message. Badjie is in hiding in Guinea Conakry. He is wanted in The Gambia for murder, and crime against humanity.

Jammeh uses the social media app—Whatsapp to communicate with his supporters, friends and family members. Badjie says Jammeh and Fadia has been in contact via the phone.

Nuha Badjie said Jammeh was opposed to the APRC forming a merger with Mama Kandeh’s Gambia Democratic Congress Party (GDC) and Ousainou Darboe’s United Democratic Party (UDP). He said Jammeh has warned Fabakary and co not to venture into forming a merger with the two political parties.

“Jammeh has told Fabakary and co that the APRC will never form an alliance with the GDC. He said the GDC is worse than the UDP. He had blacklisted both the GDC and UDP as far an alliance is concerned. He wanted the APRC to form an alliance with the NPP. All of a sudden, he walked away from the deal to instruct his supporters, the APRC to form an alliance with GANU,”  Nuha Badjie said.

Badjie says Jammeh is being misled by the likes of Baatulai to derail the well-intended APRC/NPP alliance. He says such an alliance would have helped for their home return, because President Barrow is a man of his words. He thinks that Barrow was going guarantee their home return and national reconciliation.

Badjie, who sounded frustrated said it was foolish for Yahya Jammeh to announce that he is the flag bearer of the APRC and its leader, while living in Equatorial Guinea.

“How can he run for elections when he is not in the country. Baatulai is misleading him. If he is thinking about coup, let him go alone and fight, we are not going anywhere,” Badjie remarked.

Nuha Badjie says he has regretted killing Gambians, he says Jammeh was using them to kill their own people, Jammeh had made them to believe that the killings were being done in the national interest, sources said.

Nuha Badjie isn’t at all happy with Jammeh. He has accused Jammeh of not helping his relatives while in power.

“He says Jammeh has no interest in his family.  Imagine someone Jammeh owning over 200 compounds, he never gave a single house to his family members, you can see how ungrateful Jammeh is, he wasn’t supportive to his family at all.  He said among the family it was only late Ansumana Jammeh, who was successful, Ansu amassed his wealth own his own, after finishing his studies, he was working with some Arabs before being appointed Ambassador,” our interpreter stated.

Per Nuha Badjie, the people of Foni have suffered during Jammeh’s rule. The former dictator has used to them to kill the people of that region.

Meanwhile, reports from Equatorial Guinea says Jammeh’s security entourage are also opposed to Jammeh’s move to lure the APRC “no to APRC/NPP alliance to team with Hydara’s GANU party. Some of the former army officers are threatening to abandon Jammeh and return home in the near future. They aren’t convinced that the GANU leader can facilitate their home return.

The former officers have complained about their poor living condition in Equatorial Guinea. They said they are home sick, and they wanted to return home.

Gibril Fadia’s phone was off when contacted for comment.

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