The temperamental UDP leader Ousainou Darboe has snubbed the press after submitting his nomination papers to the Independent Electoral Commission (IEC).  Darboe wouldn’t want to speak to the press.  He walked away from a poll of local and international reporters saying that he wasn’t pleased with the comportment of the press when they approached him for questions.

“Gentlemen of the press, gentlemen of the press, you don’t want me to address you, I cannot address you in this way.  You don’t want me to talk to you,” Darboe, who is fifth times failed Presidential candidate, then abruptly walked away and boarded his waiting vehicle.

Earlier on, Darboe was asked by a local reporter as to whether he was the right person to assume the Presidency, a defensive Darboe had this to say:


“Why does anybody think that I am not the right candidate? Why does think I am not the right candidate?”

Mr. Darboe is expected to address a political rally later this evening at the independence stadium at Bakau.

Darboe’s nomination was characterized by traffic obstruction. Motorists and pedestrians have complained about being harassed while traveling on the road. Vehicles were stopped and forced to park on the road side, one caller from Banjul told us.

The conduct of Darboe’s supporters has scared the hell of many people here, the caller said. Notwithstanding, the professional security forces never fed into the disturbances of Darboe’s supporters. They were allowed to enter the electoral premises to escort their leader, sources said.

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