By Modou Modou

One of the most important goals of producing a documentary on politicians is to critically assess the working life of those seeking public office. This enables the electorate to have a fuller understanding of those they are voting into office (the “Élites”).The recent documentary on the leader of the United Democratic Party (UDP) Lawyer Ousainou Darbo fulfilled the purpose of educating and informing as it gives the public a glimpse into the background of a man who many considered as doyen of Gambian politic. The Darboe’s documentary is not your typical political marketing ploy which typically parodies reality. It is robustly  anchored on facts and evidence, as the film nuancedly captures and presents Mr Daboe’s contribution to the advancement of human rights, good governance and human growth. It also catalogued his trials and tribulations in the most unbiased fashion. During last few decades Mr Dabo succeeded in carving a niche for himself as a leading constitutional and criminal lawyer, whose law firm often represented thousands of clients pro bono primarily because of his unwavering conviction in defending Human Rights. As the founder and leader of the UDP Darbo was never afraid speaking truth to power, which often put him at loggerheads with the then Kanilai born tyrant. Although he ran for presidency against the former president on four election cycles without success, his party remains the strongest political party ever seen in the history of Gambia in particular, and Africa in general.  Not only does the UDP have the  largest number of representatives in parliament but the party has the strongest grass root support among all the political parties in the country. What distinguished Dabo from other presidential candidates is not his level of education and international exposure but his staunch principles.  He has always put  Gambia first before any personal agenda and thus he needs to be rewarded by being voted into office in the forthcoming presidential elections in December 2021.  


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