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QTV: TRRC Lead Counsel Essa Faal doubles down on his...

https://youtu.be/V2nz8noE75w   https://youtu.be/V2nz8noE75w  

Lead Counsel Faal tears Jammeh apart at the closing of the...

https://youtu.be/MFDP2FlFovA   https://youtu.be/MFDP2FlFovA

Video: In his own words: Essa Faal says he was...

https://youtu.be/ov5KEcnMQxs   https://youtu.be/ov5KEcnMQxs

Halake Calls Lamin AMS Jobarteh an ANIMAL!!!!!!

https://youtu.be/F5_OcKj2zi0   https://youtu.be/F5_OcKj2zi0  

Respect to Lawyer Borry S. Touray!

https://youtu.be/8cR9vRBLyZI https://youtu.be/8cR9vRBLyZI   https://youtu.be/8cR9vRBLyZI  

Source: Kerr Fatou: Politic Kaacha EP10 With Momodou L. Dahaba

https://youtu.be/VGZXbfmDeBY   https://youtu.be/VGZXbfmDeBY https://youtu.be/VGZXbfmDeBY

Gambia’s increasing crimes: GRA/theft/robbery. Kexx Sanneh’s abduction: President Barrow watch...

https://youtu.be/QHfB3aP-pn4   https://youtu.be/QHfB3aP-pn4  

Getting to know Sonko

https://youtu.be/Ua2rHYMLA8k https://youtu.be/Ua2rHYMLA8k https://youtu.be/Ua2rHYMLA8k https://youtu.be/Ua2rHYMLA8k  

Dida Debating At School

  Pa, Here is my school in Nairobi - the boys are still poetic after...

Sheikh Ahmed Ceesay on Aji Sarr

https://youtu.be/q8fGPXMHYO4   https://youtu.be/q8fGPXMHYO4  

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