Our Mission

FREEDOM NEWSPAPER MISSION STATEMENT FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, is today hitting the news stand. We joined our colleagues in the “media evolution.” The Gambian US based online Newspaper, is consists of media professionals committed in promoting free press, democracy, rule of law, and good governance on the African continent and beyond. FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, will serve as an authoritative media outlet, which will feature latest Gambian news and other stories of interest across the globe. As an independent media Organisation, “we owe no obligation to any interest group” and will report the news irrespective of who is affected. This paper will never compromise its editorial independence. The launching of the FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, “will end the days of censorship and political patronage.” We have zero tolerance for “censorship” and whoever tries to influence our editorial decision will woefully fail. We valued our esteemed readers and as such their opinions on issues of national and sub-regional concern will be published. We must add that this paper will not take responsibility for the opinions of such individuals. They are entitled to their God given rights to free expression and as such their opinions do not represent the position of FREEDOM NEWSPAPER. In as much, as we want to promote free expression, this paper will not condone tribal sentiments, which could lead to a destruction of a country. We are one people and should learn to respect each others opinions. As The Gambia, is going to the polls, this coming October, FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, will keep its readers posted about political developments.Our paper is a watch dog, not only to the government of the day, but society as a whole. We will expose any form of corruption, injustice and human rights abuses. Going by our official name, we are free to report issues of national interest without malice or ill intention. Stories published by this medium will be objective, balance, up-to-date and to the best interest of our country. FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, will also network with independent news organisations committed in defending press freedom on the continent. We firmly believe that, in the absence of “FREE SOCIETY” there will hardly be any meaningful development. This is what obtains in today’s Gambia, where people’s God given rights and liberties had been hijacked by a poverty stricken soldier “TURNED MILLIONAIRE YAHYA JAMMEH.” We shall continue to probe atrocities committed by this administration-be it economical, political or societal. We owe it to our people to expose these criminals hiding in the name of governance. Our readers will also notice two popular columns, on FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, which used to be authored by the murdered Banjul based Newspaper, The Point, proprietor Deyda Hydara. Having worked with him, I thought it imperative to revive the said columns, “GOOD MORNING, MR.PRESIDENT AND THE BITE.” I used to deputise Deyda, during his absence in the office to write the said columns. Veteran journalist and Point co proprietor Pap Saine can bear me witness on this. Despite the government’s decree banning Deyda’s “GOOD MORNING, MR.PRESIDENT” Gambians and friends of The Gambia, will read the said column on FREEDOM NEWSPAPER” once again. FREEDOM NEWSPAPER, belongs to Gambians and not an individual person. Our readers should not hesitate to criticise us, if you feel that we erred in our reportage of national matters. We are bound to agree and disagree on issues. We cannot be qualified to be called journalists, when we are not ready to be tolerant. Media houses committed to ethical values and standards will never attempt to censor or condemn voices of dissent. We must set positive example for others to follow. In that, we must be opened to criticism. On a final note, we are praying for God’s protection, in this new media project, we have for The Gambia and beyond. Count on us for accurate, reliable and up-to-date Gambian news. God bless FREEDOM NEWSPAPER and The Gambia. We rest our case.